Getting here by Road

Our campervan pitches, shepherd huts and our Saltwater restaurant can be accessed via Guernsey’s traditional narrow and scenic lanes.

  • Directions to our marina by road.

    Travelling from Bordeaux Harbour, follow Rue Du Bordeaux as it turns into Grade Rue.

    Follow the slight left-hand bend onto La Rochelle Road.

    Turn north off La Rochelle Road into La Rocque es Cas.

    Follow this cobbled road to a sweeping right hand bend into Rue de la Moye.

    Follow this small lane it bears left and then take the next right, bringing you to Beaucette Marina.

How to find us by road

Accessing Beaucette by land rather than sea.

Getting to Guernsey

With flight times from just 40 minutes from the UK, and ferries taking just 3 hours, getting to Guernsey has never been easier.

Getting to Guernsey